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Whether you color your hair because you're gray or because you want to change your natural color, the HCE is here to help you keep those pesky roots from showing so soon! 

Clients, we hear you! Stylists, let's help our clients out!

It happens, situations arise where you can't deal with seeing your regrowth in between visits. What happens if you are away or your stylist is booked solid and you have an event coming up?!

The HCE is loaded with your custom color by your salon. The mixture is the perfect dosage to cover your part line and hairline to hold you over between salon appointments.

In unavoidable moments of desperation, stay away from the drugstore shelf, don’t ruin your beautiful salon color, get an HCE!

Never let them see your roots again!


HCE 1-1 (10ml Developer, 10ml Color)

  • Color ratios 1.5 part developer and lower to 1 part color should use the HCE 1-1

HCE 2-1 (10ml Developer, 5ml Color)

  • Color ratios that are 2 parts developer to 1 part color should use the HCE 2-1


A priority in developing the HCE was to ensure the enironmental sustainability of our product. Therefore, the HCE is 100% Recyclable! 

Additionally, components of the kits are manufactured using renewable energy!


The HCE consists of 6 components:

  • CARD​​ - Contains step-by-step directions for product use

  • HCE UNIT - Main tool that holds the custom color and developer


  • CLOSURE - Placed on the Applicator Unit prior to adding color to avoid leaking of product

  • RUBBER BANDS (X2) - Used to tie hair back in ponytails

  • BARRIER GEL - Applied to the forehead near hairline to avoid color staining of skin​​

  • MIXTURE TIP - Placed on the Applicator Unit when ready to use, that mixes the color and developer prior to applying to the re-growth area



1. Remove HCE Unit from kit

2. Attach Closure to the bottom of the HCE Unit

3. Open HCE Unit and fill with custom color and developer ​​​

  • 1-1 KITS - 10ml Developer & 10ml Color (Developer on the left & Color on the right)

  • 2-1 KITS - 10ml Developer & 5ml Color (Load the Developer in the larger cylinder)​

4. Compress the HCE Unit closed to the line exactly

5. Insert HCE Unit back in kit and provide to client


    1. Remove all contents from package

    2. Section dry part line and hairline. If you have long hair, utilize the two Rubber Bands included in the kit to tie your hair in ponytails

    3. Apply the Barrier Gel on forehead around hairline without touching the hair​​

    4. Place the HCE Unit upside down with the Closure facing up and twist counterclockwise until the Closure is removed

    5. Twist on the Mixture Tip clockwise to the HCE Unit

    6. Carefully compress the HCE Unit evenly until the all of the unmixed initial product is released

    7. Once you see the products mixing together in the Mixture Tip tilt your head back and apply the color slowly and evenly from the front of your part line to the crown of your head

    8. When you reach the crown, place tip on scalp and begin small circular motions back towards the front hairline in order to disperse color properly throughout 1/2 inch width of your part line

    9. Repeat step 8 to the front hairline from the part line to the ear

    10. Process for 30 minutes and then rinse off in shower using shampoo to lightly rub the release color from the scalp

    11. Shampoo the rest of your hair as usual, condition, and rinse


    • This is a one-time use only tool

    • Closure should be tightly secured on the HCE Unit prior to filling to prevent overflow

    • Fill Developer and Color just below the fill line to avoid spillage

    • Compression should be stiff in order to ensure color is not released too quick

    • Remind client to use the Mixing Tip to spread the color into their regrowth (Brushes and gloves not needed!)

    • Checkout the tutorial video on YouTube to view the process!

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