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The Hair Color Extender, (HCE) has been a creative beauty product for clients throughout the US and Europe since 2008.

The HCE was created by Stylist, Multiple Salon Owner, Distributor, Platform Artist and Educator, Basil Kons. He invented this one of a kind kit for his clients with just enough of their custom color to cover their part line and hair line in between salon visits.

"I was noticing that my clients were coming in with bands of color demarcation throughout the front of their hair. Immediately my reaction was shock and then I realized they were using generic root touch-up kits from the drugstore because they could not stand to see their new growth after 2 weeks." 

There was a need to find an answer to this situation and keep clients from ruining their hair. The HCE was the solution!

Since the launch of the HCE back in 2008, Basil's Beauty Distribution Company, Omorphia, Inc has been selling these kits to salons world wide!

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